Biomarkers analysis

Assess bee's health through biomarkers analysis

Bees are highly sensitive to environmental quality and overall to pollutants (pesticides, heavy metals, PAHs, etc.).

Biomarkers are a whole answers sent by the organism (overexpression or lack of molecules) which indicates an exposure to abnormal environmental stress.


Thanks to biomarkers, we can detect very early, before any exterior expression, the metabolic answer to environmental stress daily sudden by bees.


This stress assessment is a direct indicator for environmental quality.



How can we quantify biomarkers in bee?

Analyse de biomarqueurs dans l’abeille

From hives previously settled on the area to study, quantification of biomarkers is done on several parts of bee's body:

  • Head
  • Abdomen
  • Intestine


Each researched enzyme can express its own and different stress cause. For example, some biomarkers will be used to detect stress due to pesticides, while others will be used for heavy metals.



 Partenariat avec l’INRA 

Analysis done on bees are realized in partnership with the INRA of Avignon, following a protocol specific to each enzyme.




How to interpret results of biomarkers analysis in bees?

Interpretation of results is realized thanks to spatiotemporal comparisons. From one part, concentrations are compared to values obtained on a control apiary considered as representative of environmental background. From another part, variations in time are compared: seasonal and annual variations.


This way, we can assess the impact of environmental quality on bees health.

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