APILAB monitors the environment thanks to bees

Apilab is an engineering office, specialized in environmental monitoring thanks to bees.

We set up hives for companies and collectivities to monitor environmental quality and assess sustainable development actions.


Depending on your needs, Apilab proposes a whole panel of services made to set up environmental follow-up using bees.



- Environmental monitoring using bees

Here are our different services of environmental monitoring:

Bees genetic biodiversity assessment


Bees genetical biodiversity assessment

APILAB proposes to realize an audit of bees genetic biodiversity on your area, with the final aim to create conservatories of local bees. 


The genetic information of sampled bees is realized thanks to biometric and/or genetic analysis, in collaboration with the French national center of scientific researches (CNRS). 




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Member of the commission of normalization AFNOR
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APIALERTE won a gold medal during World Beekeeping Awards 2013
APIALERT bee counter won a gold medal in innovation category during World Beekeeping Awards 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine.  
APIALERT Won a gold medal in innovation category of the World Beekeeping Awards 2013 (WBA2013)