APIALERT, new tool 2.0 for biomonitoring

30% hives disappear each year in the world. Thus, bee's sensitivity to the environment can be used as a tool for biomonitoring.


Assessing bees health means analyzing indirectly environmental quality. 



Biomonitoring tools:


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 APIALERT® Bee counter


This bee counter is coming from an exclusive technology transfer with the "Bee and environment" unit of the INRA of Avignon and was developed in collaboration with Azimut Monitoring company and La Rochelle University. This bee counter is able to continuously count the number of bees coming in and out from the hive.




Greenbee® weather station


Developed by Azimut monitoring company, Greenbee® weather station enables to record multiple environmental data, such as wind, temperature, hygrometry, dusts and other pollutants (on demand).





Environmental alerts generation

Data collected by the hives can lead to recognize:


- Abnormal activity in a colony

(i.e. when there is no activity while weather is good)


- Abnormal mortality

(When the difference between in and out (out - in = mortality) becomes worrying)


When one of these two parameters is detected, the system is then able to generate automatically and instantaneously an alert via GSM or Satellite network in order to act rapidly on these hives.

Compteur d’Abeille - Apilab


Example of daily chart generated by the bee counter:


Compteur d’abeilles



Access to environmental data


Data are sent and stored on a dedicated and secured website, on which our customers have a private access.


From this place, they can also generate and export activity reports (weather and hives data) every day, week, month or year.


Finally, a WebTV access enables to display data collected in real time by the hives on a homepage or screen.













Best innovation at the World Beekeeping Awards 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Laureate 2013 of the eco-innovative companies, in category ecological engineering, in Paris BercyTrophy of the eco-innovation during Environord congress in 2012



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APIALERTE won a gold medal during World Beekeeping Awards 2013
APIALERT bee counter won a gold medal in innovation category during World Beekeeping Awards 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine.  
APIALERT Won a gold medal in innovation category of the World Beekeeping Awards 2013 (WBA2013)