Follow live the activity of your bee colony

Bee colony collapse disorder is a major problem, not only for the beekeeping industry, but also from an ecological and economic point of view because of their main role in the pollination of flowering plants.

Therefore, APILAB wishes to actively participate in the research of the causes of bee mortality and of solutions to stop this phenomenon. To do this, we need precision and a lot of data, it is OUR EXPERTISE combined with the technology of our partner BEEGUARD that will allow us to recover them.

What indicators can you obtain?

Apialert, what is it ?

This device measures the activity of the hive continuously and alerts the user in case of over mortality or abnormal activity of the colony. To do this, the hive is equipped with a bee entry/exit counter, a weight sensor and a weather station. By counting the number of bees entering and leaving the hive each day, the vitality of the colony can be evaluated, and the daily bee mortality can be calculated by subtraction. When these data are not in accordance with the period and the measured weather data, the system automatically generates an alert.

Thanks to this information in real time, investigations can be launched quickly in the field to determine the causes of the anomalies: in particular sanitary examination of the colonies, floral inventory, search for predators, or even pollutant dosage (cf. APIDIAG® method - Study of the environmental pollution).
BONUS : You support research and participate in the protection of bees and their environment (Open Data).


With the beekeeping biomonitoring, entrust the mission to the bees and help save them !